Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes are individual classes specially designed to meet your needs. We create sequences and use yoga poses, modifications and variations to help move you towards an optimal state of balance. You get 100% of our attention and we can focus on whatever you want and need.


For example, if you want to focus on building strength we can do that. If you want to manage anxiety, we will help you focus on that. If you didn’t sleep well that day, we can do a restorative practice. You can ask as many questions as they like and we give you a handout with the class sequence on it for you to practise in your own time.

There are many reasons why people have private yoga classes. For example:


  • they have a busy work life and struggle to find time to travel to class,


  • they prefer to learn in a 1:1 environment,


  • they have been sedentary for some time and want lots of individual attention,


  • they feel under-confident about learning new movement practices or


  • they have injuries or pre-existing health conditions that they want help with.


  •  you get our undivided attention, which helps you to feel confident that you are moving, breathing and resting in a beneficial way.

Yoga classes take place in the comfort of your own home or another location such as your workplace gym (within the city of Leicester), which means that you don’t have to squeeze a yoga class into your schedule.

Our timetable changes quite regularly, so it’s best to contact us directly to find out about current availability.

If you are interested in private yoga lessons please contact us directly to arrange a free 1/2 hour consultation. We will use this time to talk about your goals, assess your needs and to arrange a date and time for your first class.