Please note that we don’t currently offer drop-in yoga classes.

If you’re interested in one-to-one private yoga classes, visit our Private Class page.

If you’re looking to book a group class that your business will be paying for, check out our Corporate Class page.

If you want to find out more about how to book a class with us, keep reading.

Group Yoga Classes

Group classes allow you and a group of friends, colleagues or family to get together for a private yoga class. We come to your home, workplace, (or whatever creative solution you can think of in terms of a space) at a time that’s convenient for you. Most groups want a 60 minute class, but we can make them a little bit longer or shorter according to what you prefer. Anything between 45 minutes and 2 hours is possible.

The groups we already teach are learning a mixture of yoga poses designed to improve strength, flexibility, range of motion and balance, as well as relaxation. We can also teach you breathing exercises, stress reduction techniques, meditation and even how yoga philosophy can help us in our day to day lives. Ultimately, the needs and goals of the group determine how we balance activities in the class.

You pay us a fixed fee for each class, and it’s entirely up to you how you split the cost among yourselves.

We think that group yoga classes are the perfect balance between one-to-one private yoga classes (which can be a bit expensive for many people) and big yoga classes that you might find in places like gyms. In a group yoga class you can:

  • get a lot more feedback from the teacher


  • tell us directly what you want to learn


  • have the class at a place that’s really convenient, like your workplace, home, etc.


  • have the class at a time that suits you perfectly


  • do yoga with people you know, your colleagues, friends, family, etc. 


  • and pay a price that is really affordable
There is lots of research that shows that people are more motivated and likely to stick with good habits when they do them with other people. Group yoga classes provide that motivation in a social atmosphere that fits with your needs.

With group classes, we come to a venue of your choice to teach. This can be your home or office, or a venue that you’ve hired out for that purpose. If you need help finding a venue, let us know.

Our availability changes as we take on new clients, so it’s best to contact us directly. We’re really keen to help new groups rediscover the joy of movement and the transformative power of yoga, so we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Yoga mats – We think it’s much better to get your own yoga mat. People who have their own mats are much more likely to practice at home and we’ll definitely encourage you to do that (we have a collection of handouts we can give you). You also know that the only body that’s sweated on that mat is yours. Having said all that, we can definitely bring a mat or two along to the session if you are still trying to decide if yoga is for you!

Clothing – You can wear something you might wear to the gym or something a bit looser, like jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. You don’t need to wear anything fashionable or buy clothes specially to do yoga in. We’ll be encouraging to you close your eyes, and pay less attention to what you look like anyway. We definitely would recommend you change out of anything tight, especially if it can’t stretch. Suits, ties and jeans are a no-no!

Families – Our first ever private yoga class was for a mother, father and their teenage daughter so we very much welcome families doing yoga together. Whether or not the class is suitable for a child depends very much on their individual maturity. We teach Hatha yoga that is primarily geared towards adults, so please be mindful that younger children tend to have much shorter spans than older children and might not manage an hour long yoga session without getting bored and restless. Parents/guardians need to be responsible for any children in the group. Any under 16’s will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Taster sessions – We can arrange a one-off taster session for £30.

Pricing – After the taster session, we take block bookings of 4 weeks. Our base fee for each session is £40, so you would pay £160 in advance for the block booking of 4 weeks. If your venue is a long way from Leicester city centre, we might charge a bit extra. 

Great! You can contact us via phone, text, or email and let us know when and where you would like the class.

Great! You can contact us via phone, text, or email and let us know when and where you would like the class.

"The session was a great mix of stretches and balances, with some relaxation at the end. The class was a really lovely way to start the afternoon together, we had lots of fun and felt energised and ready to take on the rest of the day!"