Corporate Yoga Classes

It’s an increasingly well known fact that yoga has many benefits in the workplace. Well-being programs are rightfully being recognised as not only a profitable investment for companies, but as helping to foster a positive attitude in the office. Consider booking one of our corporate classes to bring yoga to your office before the start of the day, during lunch, or after closing hours.

What you get


  • A weekly yoga class for up to 12 of your employees (more by arrangement).


  • Happier, healthier and more productive employees.




  • Weekly/biweekly class


  • At your workplace


  • Tailor-made to address the stress and strains of corporate life – too much sitting, back pain, stress etc.


  • Gentle movements, which can be modified to different skills and abilities


  • Up to 12 participants per session (more by arrangement)


  • Lunchtime to re-energise for the afternoon or after work to unwind at the end of the day!


  • Session length =1 x 60 mins or 2 x 30 mins or 1 x 45 mins


  • Requires minimal space and equipment


  • Standard yoga, chair yoga, meditation, relaxation – you choose!


  • Within the city of Leicester


  • Prices start at £40/h



What you need to provide


  • A suitable space – usually a conference/training room (approx 7 x 5 metres – larger if you have a greater number of participants)


  • Yoga mats – it’s best to ask the participants to acquire their own as they tend to be more committed with a mat in hand! We’ll bring 1 or 2 in case anyone forgets theirs. 


  • A bit of encouragement to get your staff to try it. We’ll do the rest!

Looking after the well-being of your employees is essential to staff retention and maintaining high performance at work. That is why more and more companies are seeing the value of workplace well-being programmes.


Corporate yoga classes are a great option as they are popular with staff whilst also providing value to the business. They represent a low-cost way of addressing many workplace challenges such as stress, fatigue and back pain.


Employees who do yoga at lunchtime report feeling much more energised in the afternoon. Those who do yoga at the end of the workday report feeling much less stressed.

Yoga classes in the workplace:


  • Reduce fatigue and energises leading to increase in productivity and morale.


  • Reduce mental and physical stress lowering number of sick days taken.


  • Build concentration and enables employees to react more calmly.


  • Relieve neck, back strain caused by too much sitting.


  • Boost overall physical and mental health and reduces disease risk factors.


  • Teach self-care techniques to help employees look after their own well-being.


  • Are a great perk for your team helping you to retain talent.


  • Lead to happier employees with a more positive outlook!


Obviously, we cannot guarantee all of the above, but these are the results that we are reported to us over and over again. They are also backed up by an increasing amount of research into the benefits of yoga, including yoga in the workplace.


We currently have availability for morning, lunch-time, or evening classes. Our timetable changes quite frequently, so it’s best to contact us directly to inquire about current availability.

Our timetable changes quite frequently, so it’s best to contact us directly to inquire about current availability.

We teach corporate yoga classes within the city of Leicester and Loughborough.