The Be Happy Yoga Project is a new local socially-responsible organisation based in Leicester. Our aim is to help individuals improve their quality of life by delivering programmes based on the time-honoured teachings of yoga.

We believe passionately that yoga is for everyone.  We offer different courses, including open classes that anyone can access.  Our groups are small so you get lots of individual attention.  A portion of the class fees that our students pay go towards providing free programmes for communities who would normally have difficulty accessing these teachings elsewhere whether that be due to financial reasons or other barriers.

We work with existing community organisations to deliver courses to their service users.  We are able to offer fully funded and partially funded programmes, so that no one is turned away simply because of cost.

If you are a local charity, social enterprise or community organisation and are interested in finding out more about our programme and whether it might be beneficial for your users, please get in touch.

If you believe in our mission and would like to help support us in providing affordable Yoga programmes to these communities, then please consider contacting us to make a donation.


The yoga postures that we teach come directly from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta organisation, who we are both certified with. It is a time-tested sequence which emphasises a balance of effort and relaxation and which is designed to strengthen and stretch the whole body. This practice is suitable for beginners and more advanced practitioners alike. Each class follows a structured routine, with occassional variations. The class begins with relaxation, and then moves onto breathing exercises, and finally the 12 basic postures which present the backbone of the Yoga that we teach. The sequence of postures that we teach is the same as taught at Sivananda centres and ashrams around the world. Click to visit the Sivanada website

Be Happy Yoga Teachers, Danielle and Michael Texeira


When we met, there was an immediate spark!  Our similar goals and interests, and our mutual vision for a more peaceful world, was the glue which cemented our relationship.  Together, we share a passion for teaching Yoga, and addressing social and economic injustices.  We are a husband and wife team who are both 200 hour certified Sivananda Yoga Teachers.  In fact, we met and got married at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in California!

Over the past seven years, we have gathered experience teaching in the US, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and the UK.  Our students have included children, the elderly, individuals with physical disabilities and/or addictions and people from many different backgrounds.  We are both committed to social transformation and believe that yoga practice can help individuals to transform their experience of life, and consequently how they interact with the world.


When I think about the many things that I am thankful for in my life, yoga is always near the top of the list.  For as long as I can remember, I have been thinking about how we can be free of suffering.  I explored psychology and personal development, but discovering yoga was my turning point.  For the first time, I started to delve a little deeper and become more aware of my thoughts and beliefs.  As I continued my yoga and meditation practice, my life changed. My depression just fell away.  I become more content with who I was.  I actually had some idea who I was!  My relationships with other people became more meaningful.  I found a deep desire to make a contribution to my community.  Long gone are the days when I just wanted to hide away from the world and felt like I was nobody and had nothing to offer.  My life has become much richer in what matters to me.

These days I am fascinated by and love to share what it means to be healthy and well.  I like to experiment with the little tweaks we can make to our lifestyle, be it through movement, nutritious food, better sleep, stress management, social connection, being outside and play! 

Be Happy Yoga teacher, Danielle Texeira
Be Happy Yoga Teacher, Michael Texeira


My whole life I’ve been interested in what makes people tick, the mechanisms of the mind, and the stuff of consciousness.  I’ve experimented with a wide range of philosophies and lifestyles. Doing so, I learned a great deal about what makes me happy.  I realised that I make myself happy, or not.  This realisation took me down a path of study and enquiry that centered on finding out what keeps me, what keeps us, from allowing ourselves to experience happiness.  What are the thoughts, beliefs, and objects of desire that we put between ourselves and the core desire which motivates them all?

Eventually, my questioning brought me to Yoga, and to the ashram where I met Danielle.  It seemed that she was seeking to unfold her happiness as I was, and so, we joined our paths.  She doesn’t make me happy, nor do I imagine I make her happy, but we’re getting better at making ourselves happy as we walk beside each other.  She, like Yoga, is a reminder to be more fully myself, and to appreciate the little things in life.