Drop-in Yoga Classes

The class starts with an initial lying relaxation before moving on to sun salutations, a traditional warm-up yoga sequence. 


The bulk of the class consists of yoga asanas (postures). These could include leg raises, bridge, forward bends, back bends (such as cobra and bow), spinal twists, core exercises (such as plank variations), standing poses including triangle and warrior, arm and leg balances as well as some inversions. At the end of the class we have a 15 minute guided final relaxation, in which you will be lying down. We recommend bringing a blanket so you feel cosy, warm and more relaxed!


We do teach basic good breathing habits, such as abdominal breathing, but we only occasionally teach specific pranayama techniques, such as alternate nostril breathing.


We mostly use verbal cues with a little bit of demonstration and very occasional light physical adjustment, with your permission only. 


This is a Hatha yoga class. This means that we tend to hold poses for a number of breaths rather than flowing quickly between poses. We emphasise poses that increase range of motion (flexibility), as well as those that increase strength and improve balance. We focus a great deal on relaxation and developing body awareness. We sometimes weave a little yoga philosophy into the classes. 

We’d love to say yes, but realistically to participate in this class you will need the following as a basic minimum:


  • to be able to get down and up off the ground without needing a chair/prop to pull yourself back up.

  • to be comfortable being in a class of up to 12 people, both male and female.

  • if you have one of the following health conditions you will need to have a signed release from your doctor confirming your fitness to practice yoga,: recent surgery, recent fracture, stroke, brain injury, spinal injury, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. The assessment should specify what movements are restricted in your case.

Yes! We say that the class is suitable for beginners because we offer different variations of the basic postures, which allows you to adapt the movement to your ability level.

However, please note that this is a drop-in class rather than a beginners course with a start and end date. This makes a difference because there might be someone in the class who is starting their first ever yoga class today, some people who have been coming for a few weeks and others who have been attending for a year or more. If you would like to be in a class where everybody is new or perceives themselves to be a beginner, then we recommend you look for a specific beginners course. We are happy to refer you! 


Being a beginner means different things to different people. Someone who is fit and healthy and who has never done yoga before will usually consider themselves a beginner, as will someone who comes to the class with preexisting health conditions and/or injuries who may also have had a long period of being sedentary. Everyone varies in terms of age, their physical condition and ability to learn new skills. Although, we do our best any group class can’t be all things to all people. We tend to teach to the average skill level and ability in the group, providing basic variations and support and more challenge, as needed.

If you have been sedentary for some time, feel under-confident about learning new movement practices or have injuries or serious pre-existing health conditions, then we’d encourage you to call us first to discuss your circumstances. One thing we might suggest is for you to start with a private yoga lesson, so that we can assess your situation and get you up to speed with the basics and give you any additional support you may need. 


If you are at all unsure or are feeling a bit nervous about whether to sign up or not, then please do send us an email or call to discuss your specific needs with us. 


We believe in everyone getting the best support possible and are very happy to refer you to another local yoga class. There are now many specialists yoga courses available including pregnancy yoga, chair yoga, yoga for back health and so forth.


We arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before the class starts. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early if it is your first ever class with us.

You will learn how to perform a range of yoga asanas (postures), relaxation techniques, body awareness and mindfulness practice and understand the importance and fundamentals of breathing. 


In addition, students typically report the following results:




  • Feeling calmer and more relaxed, both after the class and in general


  • Being stronger


  • Having a better range of motion (flexibility)


  • Having a better posture and standing taller


  • Improved balance


  • Sleeping better


  • Feeling more at home in their own bodies


  • Understanding their own body better


Of course we cannot guarantee any of these results and much will depend in part on your health and fitness prior to starting yoga, your motivation and commitment and also your willingness to practise. 


We want to balance making this class accessible to as many people as possible whilst making the classes financially viable for us and that is why we offer a range of ticket prices. 


We have three different rates – pay it forward, standard and low income and you can read more about who is eligible for the low income rate in our class fees policy.