The Be Happy Yoga Project

Class Fees Policy


There are two basic rates for all of our open yoga classes; one for people on low income (low income) and one for medium and above income (standard).


We ask you to be responsible for paying the appropriate fee as we accept everything on trust. It can be difficult for people to judge where they fall on the spectrum financially, so we would ask you to take into account your unique individual circumstances.

For example, if you’re a retired person with a large pension and your own home, or a student whose parents pay all your living costs and provide a sizeable allowance, you’re probably not low income. If you’re supporting other people financially on a modest income, you are far more likely to be. 

Another way of thinking about it might be to consider what you spend your income on each week. If it is almost entirely made up of necessities, then you are probably the low income rate. However, if you have plenty left over for entertainment, eating out at restaurants and buying luxuries then you would unlikely be.    


Some thoughts to bear in mind:

  • Classes have to be financially viable in order to take place.
  • This work is the way we make our living.
  • The giving and receiving of teaching is grounded in a balanced exchange of energies.
  • Among the ethical foundations of yoga are satya (honesty) and asteya (taking only what you need).

If you can realistically pay the full rate, please pay it. If you need the low income rate, then please take it. We would always prefer you at the class paying the low income rate than not to have you there at all! That is why we offer the low income rate because we want our classes to be accessible to as many people as possible.

We are incredibly grateful to those of you who give the pay it forward rate as this enables those on low incomes to come to classes too! Thank you.


Work exchange

If class fees are beyond your means, then it’s sometimes possible to arrange a work exchange. In this case, we would ask you to make a commitment to the class and to the work. We welcome you to contact us about work exchange. We may from time to time also invite individuals directly to participate in work exchange.  


Free drop-in classes

We understand that sometimes people are experiencing a difficult time in their lives physically, mentally and emotionally. They may need yoga, but be unable to pay or have any energy to offer as a work exchange. They may also not be categorised as being in a marginalised group. Please contact us directly if this applies to you as we may, from time to time, be able to offer free drop-in classes for a small number of individuals who fit the above description.  


Free community yoga courses

We offer a number of free community yoga courses each year aimed at marginalised groups. We run these courses in collaboration with charities and local social enterprises.  If you work for a charity or social enterprise, please contact us to find out if we can run a free yoga course directly for your organisation.