Privacy Policy


The Be Happy Yoga Project

Privacy Policy

The Be Happy Yoga Project is the trading name of Danielle Texeira.


We hold and use the following personal information:

Mailing list

Mailing list information consists of name and email address. There are four routes by which a person’s name and email address is added to our newsletter all of which require (and have always required) an opt in. Individuals can:

  1. Directly request our newsletter via our website.
  2. Answer ‘yes’ to being added to our newsletter via our booking system operated by Bookwhen.
  3. Answer ‘yes’ to being added to our newsletter via our paper student enrolment form.
  4. Fill in their details directly into a sign-up sheet at an event.


We use the platform Sendinblue to create our newsletter. Names and addresses of newsletter subscribers are therefore held on their servers.

All newsletters sent out have an unsubscribe link.

Student enrolment form

Our paper student enrolment form asks for the following information:

  • name
  • contact details
  • emergency contact details
  • details regarding previous experience of yoga
  • health information
  • physical adjustment
  • photo preferences


We need this information for proper class management and for insurance purposes. We collect information regarding any injuries or health conditions to ensure that as teachers we have all the information that we need in order to ensure the safe practice of yoga. Health and medical information is classed as sensitive personal data, which is why we ask for your express consent to process this information. This information is held for seven years for insurance purposes and is stored securely.

Lesson record sheets

We keep a record of attendance as well as occasional notes about each class and these are used for class management, and held for at least seven years for insurance purposes. Lesson records are in paper form and stored securely.

Booking system

We use the booking system platform Bookwhen. When you book a class with us we ask for your name, email address, phone number, how you found out about us and whether you would like to receive our newsletter. The only information you are required to complete in order to make a booking is name, email address and phone number. We need your name in order to know who is coming to our class, your email address to provide the booking confirmation and your phone number in the event that we have to make changes to the class you have booked at short notice and we need to contact you to let you know. Bookwhen give you the option of saving your details on their system to streamline future bookings, however, you can opt to re-enter your data every time you make a booking.

Enquiries/messages via email and website

This consists of the message itself, name and email address. This information is received via our website or by email directly and is used to answer the query and any follow up messages. Important messages are saved in our filing system. Other emails are retained for up to two years. Our email provider is Gmail.

Email class attendees list

We hold a list within Gmail of our current and recent class attendees. In the event that we have to cancel or provide information about a class we email everyone on this list (bcc) to let them know. We regularly delete email addresses from this list in an attempt to only email active class participants. If you do receive such an email from us and you are no longer an active class member, you can let us know and we will immediately delete you from this list.

Access to your information

If you would like copies of the information that we hold about you, please email us and let us know.

Disclosure to third parties

Except where required by law, we do not share data with third parties or sell contact lists.


Personal information held by The Be Happy Yoga Project is only accessed by Danielle and Michael Texeira as required. It may be shared, on a need to basis, with cover and/or assistant teachers.

The Data Protection Officer for The Be Happy Yoga Project is: Danielle Texeira. For further questions please email

Updated May 2018

New class fees policy

The Be Happy Yoga Project 

Class fees policy

There are two basic rates for all of our open yoga classes; one for people on low income (low income) and one for medium and above income (standard).

We ask you to be responsible for paying the appropriate fee as we accept everything on trust.  It can be difficult for people to judge where they fall on the spectrum financially, so we would ask you to take into account your unique individual circumstances.  For example, if you’re a retired person with a large pension and your own home, or a student whose parents pay all your living costs and provide a sizeable allowance, you’re probably not a concession. If you’re supporting other people financially on a modest income, you may be.  Another way of thinking about it might be to consider what you spend your income on each week.  If it is almost entirely made up of necessities, then you are probably the low income rate.  However, if you have plenty left over for entertainment, eating out at restaurants and buying luxuries then you would unlikely be.    

Some thoughts to bear in mind:

  • Classes have to be financially viable in order to take place.
  • This work is the way we make our living.
  • The giving and receiving of teaching is grounded in a balanced exchange of energies.
  • Among the ethical foundations of yoga are satya (honesty) and asteya (taking only what you need).

If you can realistically pay the full rate, please pay it. If you need the low income rate, then please take it.  We would always prefer you at the class paying the low income rate than not to have you there at all!

We are incredibly grateful to those of you who give the pay it forward rate as this enables those on low incomes to come to classes too!  Thank you.

Work exchange policy

If class fees are beyond your means, then it’s sometimes possible to arrange a work exchange. In this case we would ask you to make a commitment to the class and to the work. Please contact us to discuss if this is your situation. We may from time to time also invite individuals directly to participate in work exchange.

We are currently interested in work exchange with a professional photographer. 

Free community yoga courses

We offer a number of free community yoga courses each year aimed at marginalised groups.  Please contact us if you believe you fall within one of these groups and are interested in a place on one of these courses. 

Free 10 class passes

We understand that sometimes people are experiencing a difficult time in their lives physically, mentally and emotionally.  They may need yoga, but be unable to pay at all or feel that they have any energy to offer for a work exchange.  They may also not be categorised as in a marginalised group.  Please contact us directly if you are in this category as we may, from time to time, be able to offer free 10 classes for a small number of individuals who fit the above description.

Danielle & Michael